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Individualised Marketing - short: IndiMark® - is an innovative marketing approach targeted ar increasing the use of environmentally friendly modes (EFM) in the area in a fast and cost efficient way.

Besides public transport IndiMark® is also used successfully for environmentally friendly modes as a whole (walking, cycling and public transport). First pilot-projects to expand the use of the IndiMark®-approach to the fields of water, energy and waste are realised.

Public Transport

- New chances for an increased use of public transport -

In the beginning of the 90's Socialdata designed IndiMark® and tested it successfully in pilot projects. Since then a continuous development of the concept and its use has taken place, in a big number of large scale projects (with more than 10,000 target-persons) in urban und rural areas in more than 40 countries.

Complementary research has proven that IndiMark® leads to a significant increase of the use of public transport. IndiMark® not only compensates the costs, it also creates additional revenues for the participating public transport companies.

At the same time IndiMark® leads to better customer loyalty and fast image improvement of public transport and of the involved public transport companies.

IndiMark® is also (very) useful for internal marketing to pave the way towards a service and customer orientated thinking in the companies.

Environmentally Friendly Modes (EFM)

- New chances for an increased use of environmentally friendly modes -

Besides public transport IndiMark® is also used successfully for all environmentally friendly modes (public transport, walking and cycling).

Thus the share of environmentally friendly modes could be increased significantly in numerous projects in six countries.


TravelSmart® stands for a cost efficient marketing approach to increase the use of environmentally friendly modes (walking, cycling, public transport) and by this also for a reduction of car-traffic.

Based on the TravelSmart®-concept various projects have already been implemented in Australia, UK and the US under the name TravelSmart®.

Further information can be found on the websites of the cooperation partners:


The IndiMark® approach, which had initially been used for means of transport, can also be applied to other areas such as energy, water, waste (recycling) where the aim is sustainable behaviour change.

One of the main issues is the reduction of water consumption which has become increasingly important in a growing number of countries. Meanwhile WaterSmart had been successfully tested in two water pilot projects in Australia (Perth and Melbourne). More pilot projects are planned in Australia.

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