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One of the few regular empirical surveys in the former GDR was the SrV Mobility in Urban Areas (SrV = "System repräsentativer Verkehrsbefragungen", Engl.: system of representative mobility surveys). Supervised by the Technische Universität Dresden, it has been determining mobility indicators for a number of cities every five years ever since 1972.

After the Reunification several additional mobility surveys in the new German Länder have been carried out. This offers a unique opportunity to monitor the development of mobility behaviour with considerable changes in the society. This analysis becomes even more vivid when looked at alongside comparable figures from the old federal Länder.

These surveys had slightly varying base populations, and had to be standardised. This has been done by analogues and weighting. The method used does not provide accuracy into every detail. All figures are displayed for all persons (without age restrictions), all trips (up to 100 km), and all days of the week (Monday - Sunday).

Mobility in Urban Areas 1972-2012 (PDF-Download, 312 KB)

Mode Choice Urban Areas 1972-2012

Mode Choice 1972-2012

Modal Split Urban Areas 1972-2012

Modal Split 1972-2012

Mobility Urban Areas 1972-2012

Mobility 1972-2012

Car Usage Urban Areas 1972-2012

Car Usage 1972-2012

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